Friends of the River Skerne


The River Skerne is central to Darlington’s  past and to its future as an attractive place to live, work or visit. Our aims are:

  • To promote enjoyment of the River Skerne by all
  • To monitor, protect and enhance its health, aesthetic appearance, biodiversity and recreational use
  • To act as a reference group for those wishing to develop land near the river
  • To advise, collaborate with and assist other agencies in maintaining and improving the river as a green corridor through Darlington

Friends Groups Along the River

Active Friends groups have already been set up along the river, at Rockwell, South Park, Victoria Embankment, South Terrace and Snipe Pond.  Groups are currently being set up at the Riverside Estate in North Road Ward to cover the stretch between the £5 note and Five Arches Bridges. We still need groups to look after the river North of Haughton Village, towards Barmpton, and in the South, towards Hurworth.

The Skerne is at the centre of development plans for the Town Centre and Town Centre Fringe. Many interests come together around our river; flood risk, recreation, fishing, wildlife, business development, history and more.

An initial meeting indicated great enthusiasm for a Friends of the Skerne group to promote, celebrate and be an advocate for the wellbeing of our river. Councillors, residents and officers of the Council, Environment Agency and Tees Rivers Trust were present.

We  invite you to join us as an individual or community group or put us in touch with appropriate people and organisations.

We have a simple constitution for a body able to raise funds for projects, manage volunteers and promote our objectives.    We meet formally every six weeks at the Clock Tower in South Park. 

Date of Next Meeting: 5.15pm Wed 18 June 2014

Please join us!




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Skerne River Friends