The name of the group shall be Friends of the River Skerne.

The group will operate to protect, enhance and celebrate the River Skerne throughout its course in Darlington

Aims and Objectives

1)    To promote the enjoyment of the River Skerne by all

2)    To monitor, protect and enhance its health, aesthetic appearance, biodiversity and recreational use

3)    To act as a reference group for those wishing to develop land near the river

4)    To advise, collaborate with and assist other agencies in maintaining and improving  the river as a green corridor through Darlington


To achieve the aims the group will be able to

1)    Raise money

2)    Open a bank account

3)    Acquire any needed resources or equipment

4)    Organise fund raising events

5)    Work with other similar groups to share advice and information

6)    Fulfil the aims in any lawful way

7)    Support any charitable trusts, associations or institutions formed for any of the aims

Equal Opportunities

The group shall operate equal opportunities policies and practices in all its activities. It shall not discriminate on grounds of race, political party, religion, gender, sexuality or any other matter which may cause an individual to be treated unfairly.


Membership is open to individuals and representatives of agencies and associations interested in achieving the group’s aims and objectives.

Members are those persons or representatives of agencies or associations who have been proposed, seconded and elected to membership at an Annual General Meeting

A list of members shall be kept and annually confirmed

Members may at an Annual General Meeting agree to set a membership fee for the following year


A committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall serve for 12 months.

The committee shall consist of at least 3 members, which shall include a chairperson, a secretary and a treasurer.

The committee may make other posts, co-opt other members and form such sub-committees or working groups of members as are needed from time to time

Meetings of the committee are open to any member of the public who would like to attend.

Any vacancies that arise can be temporarily filled by other members till the next AGM when they can be voted on.

General Meetings

General meetings shall take place not less than four times a year on dates agreed by the members. In addition extra general meetings can take place, called by the secretary following a majority vote of the committee or a written request containing reasons why a meeting is necessary and signed by any three members of the group.

Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting will take place once a year at a time agreed by the Committee

The secretary will give 14 days’ notice of the AGM and the AGM will be publicised as widely as possible.

The AGM will

1)    Receive an annual report from the committee.

2)    Approve a financial report from the treasurer.

3)    Confirm those who are members and entitled to vote

4)    Elect new members

5)    Consider amendments to this constitution.

6)    Elect a committee for the coming year


There must be at least 5 members present at a General Committee Meeting and an Annual General Meeting for decisions to be made and voted upon. If the quorum number is not reached matters may be discussed but not voted upon.


All questions at any meetings, shall be decided upon by a simple majority vote of those present.

Amendments to the constitution need a two thirds majority vote of those present

In the event of equal votes being cast the chairman shall have the casting vote.


1)    All funds raised by the group shall be used to further the aims of the group and for no other purpose.

2)    The treasurer will keep proper accounts and open a bank account in the name of the group.

3)    At least three people will be signatories on the account, one being the treasurer.

4)    Withdrawals of cash or cheques shall require at least two signatories

5)    The treasurer will keep accounts and report to every meeting.

6)    Cheques must always be filled in before signatures are added (no signing of blank cheques)

7)    Accounts will be audited  once a year by a competent auditor and presented to the AGM

Amendments to the Constitution

1)    The constitution can only be amended at a general meeting of the group.

2)    Anyone can put forward an amendment but it must be put on the agenda for discussion.

3)     For Any proposed amendment to be carried it must have a two thirds majority of those present.


1)    The decision to dissolve the group can only occur at a General Meeting.

2)    Such a meeting shall be as widely publicised as possible

3)    Reasons for dissolution have to be discussed

4)    There has to be at least 90% agreement of all the members for dissolution to occur


Adopted 4 July 2013

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